RESCUE Copper Axolotl 4-5”

RESCUE Copper Axolotl 4-5”

These rescued cuties are from a clutch that was surrendered to me in April. The babies were so hungry that they were nipping each other so all of them are regrowing gills and/or feet.  I cannot guarantee that they will regrow perfectly, but I do guarantee that they are now healthy and thriving. They hatched in January, 2021, and they are het leucistic and have a 66% chance of being het albino.  I also have wholesale quotes available  - send me a message for more information. Please understand that I am not able to take individual pictures of these babies. 

  • Shipping

    Please note that axolotls will not ship immediately after ordering due to time needed for fasting prior to shipping. 

    Axolotls CANNOT be shipped to the following states: California, Maine, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington DC. Permits are required to ship to Hawaii and New Mexico. Please see more details regarding shipping policies in "The Fine Print" section, and contact me with any questions.