RA Hypomelanistic Melanoid Subadult Axolotl 7-8”, Suspected Female

RA Hypomelanistic Melanoid Subadult Axolotl 7-8”, Suspected Female

This absolute stunner was produced by Roofus Aquatics's second pairing and raised here from an egg. This is one of my hypomelanistic melanoid holdbacks that I'm reluctantly releasing. Her male siblings have been showing their gender for quite some time now, so I am fairly certain she is female (but cannot guarantee since she is less than 18 months old). Please note that this girl will not be old enough to responsibly breed until January of 2023.  She hatched 7/16/21 and has a 50% chance of being het copper and/or albino. She will make a wonderful pet, or could be a wonderful foundation female for a hypomelanistic breeding program. 


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Pictures and size updated 5/8/22


***A note about hypomelanism: This is a newly discovered phenotype of axolotl. The mutation has been found to have a simple recessive inheritance pattern. Hypos can range from very light to nearly as dark as a wild-type.  I cannot guarantee or predict what these axolotls will look like as adults. All of the hypo axolotls listed were identified and separated as hatchlings in their first two weeks of life, using a microscope for identification and differentiation from other phenotypes.

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