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PMM2 Adult Male Melanoid Axanthic Copper Axolotl 9”

PMM2 Adult Male Melanoid Axanthic Copper Axolotl 9”

This very light melanoid axanthic copper (commonly known as a "MAC") is from a MAC x MAC pairing. The mother is from Luther's Lotls and the father is from Northern Axolotls. These babies have a 66% chance of being het albino and a 50% chance of being het hypomelanistic. 


This axolotl was a previous holdback due to the unique characteristics of his very light and slightly mottled coloration. There is a pretty good chance he is actually homozygous hypomelanistic as well, but this has not been confirmed. 


Express shipping is required.


This listing is for the exact axolotl pictured.

Hatched 6/22/22

Photos and size updated 11/5/23

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    Please note that axolotls may not ship immediately after ordering due to time needed for fasting prior to shipping. Shipping is usually on *Tuesdays* and you will receive an email with tracking information. If you do not see an email on the expected shipping day, check your junk/spam email folders. 

    Axolotls CANNOT be shipped to the following states: California, Maine, New Jersey, and Washington DC. Permits are required to ship to Hawaii and New Mexico. Please see more details regarding shipping policies in "The Fine Print" section, and contact me with any questions. 

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