HM311 Starburst Copper Axolotl 7-8”

HM311 Starburst Copper Axolotl 7-8”

This beautiful sparkly copper juvenile is packed with amazing genetics and is het for hypomelanistic, melanoid, and axanthic. Dad is a hypomelanistic from Axolotl Adventures and mom is a melanoid axanthic copper from Northern Axolotls Platinum and Marcus lines. This baby is unrelated to my Galaxy hypo clutch.


Hatched 12/26/21

Photos and size updated 8/9/22

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    Axolotls CANNOT be shipped to the following states: California, Maine, New Jersey, and Washington DC. Permits are required to ship to Hawaii and New Mexico. Please see more details regarding shipping policies in "The Fine Print" section, and contact me with any questions.