"Ham Scramble" Axanthic Melanoid Axolotl 3”

"Ham Scramble" Axanthic Melanoid Axolotl 3”

These adorable axanthic melanoids are from my long-awaited "Ham Scramble" clutch.  Mom is Ham, an extremely pigmented/dirty leucistic (these are commonly known as "piebald") who is also homozygous axanthic and melanoid.  Dad is a penta-het wild named Aztec. These babies are definitely het leucistic, have a 66% chance of being het albino, and a 50% chance of being het copper. I confirmed their phenotype is axanthic melanoid using microscopy at a very young age. Please understand that I cannot take individual pictures of these babies at this time, but I guarantee that they are all healthy and beautiful! 

Hatched May 14, 2021.

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