GM731 Hypomelanistic Copper Melanoid Axolotl 8.25"

GM731 Hypomelanistic Copper Melanoid Axolotl 8.25"

Introducing the hypomelanistic copper melanoid axolotl! This gorgeous male subadult is a newly identified phenotype of axolotl called hypomelanistic ("hypo" for short). This subadult is also homozygous copper AND melanoid. This phenotype has significantly less pheomelanin compared to normal copper melanoid axolotls and as a result of this is extremely light in color. This listing is for the exact subadult pictured, which has gendered male. He is het axanthic, and has a 66% chance of being het albino. 


The father of this clutch is Galaxy, a hypomelanistic axolotl produced by Roofus Aquatics, and the mother is Mahogany, a melanoid axanthic copper (MAC) produced by Luther's Lotls.  


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Hatched 11/10/21

Photos and size updated 10/1/22


***A note about hypomelanism: This is a newly discovered phenotype of axolotl. The mutation has been found to have a simple recessive inheritance pattern. Hypos can range from very light to nearly as dark as a wild-type.  I cannot guarantee or predict what these axolotls will look like as adults. All of the hypo axolotls listed were identified and separated as hatchlings in their first two weeks of life, using a microscope for identification and differentiation from other phenotypes.

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