Adult Female Starburst Copper Axolotl 7.5”

Adult Female Starburst Copper Axolotl 7.5”

This gorgeous girl is a third generation starburst copper produced by a partnership between The Mottled Lotl and Summerfield Axolotls. Her parents are Butterscotch and Kisses, both from UK copper lines. She was hatched and raised here at Rainy Day Aquatics. She is unlikely to be het for anything else, but this has not been proven. This listing is for the exact adult in the photos. She is practically covered in bursts of iridophores and I am reluctant to let her go. The UK copper lines are generally a bit on the small side, so her size is not unusual. 


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Hatched 11/15/20

Photos and size updated 6/24/22

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