#506 GFP Speckled Leucistic Axolotl 6”

#506 GFP Speckled Leucistic Axolotl 6”

These beautiful speckled leucistics were produced by Northern Axolotls' pairing of Dapple and Patina, two very dirty leucistics.  These babies are promising to have various levels of pigmentation.  Please keep in mind that dirty leucistics change quite a bit as they grow, and their final patterning may not be apparent until they are full grown.  The dark pigmentation tends to fade when stressed or kept in a light area, and the pigmentation intensifies when kept on a dark substrate.  I personally keep my subadult and adult dirty leucistics on black sand, and the juveniles in black tubs to better show their pigmentation. These babies hatched 12/13/20 and have a 66% chance of being het albino, and a 50% chance of being het copper, with possible other hidden hets including melanoid. Please do not panic if your dirty leucy baby comes to you without speckles! Fasting and shipping will cause them to fade, but they will darken up again when in a black tub or on black substrate.


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    Please note that axolotls will not ship immediately after ordering due to time needed for fasting prior to shipping. 

    Axolotls CANNOT be shipped to the following states: California, Maine, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington DC. Permits are required to ship to Hawaii and New Mexico. Please see more details regarding shipping policies in "The Fine Print" section, and contact me with any questions.