#403 Suspected Female Subadult Wild-type Axolotl 8”

#403 Suspected Female Subadult Wild-type Axolotl 8”

This is a wild-type axolotl, suspected female (they have gendered male siblings) with gorgeous long gills and a beautiful tail pattern. Wilds from this clutch are het for 4 different morphs including leucistic, melanoid, axanthic, and copper, so they will make great additions to any breeding program in addition to being beautiful pets. Mom is a dirty leucistic and dad is a melanoid axanthic copper. This one was one of my hold-backs that I'm releasing. Hatched 4/22/20.

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    Please note that axolotls may not ship immediately after ordering due to time needed for fasting prior to shipping. 

    Axolotls CANNOT be shipped to the following states: California, Maine, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington DC. Permits are required to ship to Hawaii and New Mexico. Please see more details regarding shipping policies in "The Fine Print" section, and contact me with any questions. 


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